Topless Centaurs on Mars

I added 199 more tapestries to the shop’s website yesterday, including my most favorite one of all: Topless Centaurs on Mars. I’m not joking. Be sure and view the large size; it’s hilariously bad. The Snook’s grandmother was bugging us a while ago to pick out a tapestry so she could stitch it for us, and if she asks again this puppy is MINE.


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  1. Haha! That’s awesomely tacky. It reminds me of this one bachelor pad I visited for a micro brew party once upon a time. The guy had an entire bathroom designed around Elvis, the crown jewel of his collection being a blacklight portrait of Elvis painted on black velvet with lots of sequins glued on.

  2. Actually that bathroom sounds kind of awesome…

  3. What, no trolls doing ballet? 😀

  4. No, but I do have boobies.

    (That reminds me of the time, not long after I started working here, when I had a dream that we had a room out the back with porno tapestries. I was telling my co-worker about this dream the next day when she was like, “No, really, we have them!” and pointed me to this one. Heh.)

  5. wahahaha oh why oh why, but that tempted me to actually buy the damn thing. no nude man lying on the beach while you’re at it?

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