Sooo close!

Man, that sounds like it was hell of a football game! I’m almost glad I didn’t get to hear the fourth quarter; I would’ve been bouncing off the walls. I wonder what this will do to our ranking…


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  1. I’m telling you, every Irish fan was just about peeing their pants watching the end of this game. I was bouncing up & down on my couch and had to put my baby down so as not to crush her with excitement. Alas…it was not to be. We got robbed.

  2. It was nuts- Everyone in the stadium was standing the last 10 or so minutes, and we couldn’t hear the announcer the last 5 minutes of the game at all… it was the most exciting and crazy games I’ve ever seen, and the Irish played better than they did so far this year- I’m not sure if we’ll go down in the rankings, but our status for recruits will go up for sure. In reality, we weren’t robbed, it was just a huge disappointment. I was so proud of ND though, as our players walked off the field, the whole student section stood up and cheered them, chanting “We are ND.” By the way… the don’t drink and drive pun was the greatest- “You shouldn’t drink and drive, because a few bottles will become a case in court.”

  3. I always loved the DUI puns. I’m not emotionally ready to talk about the game yet.

  4. I hear ya Eileen. I live in the Husker state and you have to root for Notre Dame on your own, sometimes I am openly mocked for my support of the Irish. Anyway, I had picked an arguement with so many people about the fact that ND would win it. I was out of my seat, cheering until they put the 7 seconds back on the clock. I held my breath and USC took their play. I stood there with my mouth open staring at the TV in disbelief. Did they really Score??? REPLAY!!!! OH well, it was a good game and I think at the very least, ND has shown that they are back.

    Plus Matt Leinart’s attitude in the whole thing just bugged me. It seemed to me that he thinks he IS the USC team.

  5. Alas after the replay it looked like the officials did the correct thing however that dosent make me feel and better. It was a game I will remember watching for a long time to come. I cant imagine the emotion the team went thru thinking they had it won with the clock showing no time left and the band and students trying to rush the field only to see a few seconds put back on the clock and then to loose it. Funny thing is I was sitting on the sofa yelling that he isnt going to down the ball he’s gonna run it and damn if it didnt happen.

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