Australian Idol

Lee totally rocked Australian Idol tonight! (Though I did think his punked-up version of “Eye of the Tiger” was a teensy bit too fast). And I was totally laughing when Kyle was talking about how everyone in the country loves Lee and he hasn’t met anyone who hasn’t, and the Snook and I were all, “We have!” The other three guys’ performances were pretty forgettable. I really want to like Dan but he always looks scared to death when he comes out on stage. He doesn’t look like he has any fun. He takes it all too seriously. (Quote the Snook: “He looks like he’s gonna barf.”) Emily was great but she still weirds me out a little bit. (I think it’s the crazy eye makeup.) Kate was good but I was just disappointed that she didn’t do Madonna after teasing us with the awesome netted headband in her segment. As for Anne, I’m a big fan of “Open Arms” and she did a fantastic job, but Holden was right on the money: she oversang the hell out of that song. Interestingly, it really does look like it could come down to Lee and the three chicks! And that would be hilarious. I feel like he knows it’s a piss-take, and I respect the fact that he’s not really “playing the game.” He really does come out every week and just be who he is. (And it’s doubly funny that he gets such props for musical integrity when his preferred genre – lite pop/punk – is just about as trivial as they come.) He just looks like he’s havin’ fun. I also like how he sticks his tongue out when he’s really excited, which makes me think of Muriel

As I said to the cat afterwards, “I’m off to vote for Lee now because every week he stays in it just annoys the hell out of your Aunty Amy and Unky Rob! And that’s never not funny!” 🙂

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  1. OK, Lee didn’t suck last night.

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