Tapestry Craft Sale

The Tapestry Craft 25th Anniversary Sale is now on… and I’m wiped out. I also think I may have developed RSI this week. Seriously. My wrist hurts.


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  1. You are evil for posting that link. I just bought ten balls of yarn, half of it Noro. Of course, my only internet connection here is at school, and I don’t have my purse with me, so I had to guess my 3-digit security code… I’ll get back to you tomorrow if I find out that I entered it wrong!

  2. Heh! No problem with the CVC. It’ll be me filling the order and I won’t get to it til tomorrow anyway, so just e-mail it (or call the shop) if you got it wrong.

  3. I got it wrong. 🙂

    Have sent an email the store’s way.

  4. It turned out not to matter! Wool’s being sent out this arvo… (And I knocked five bucks off the shipping.) 🙂

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