New HP Scene

My cousin Jenny just e-mailed me a heads-up that there’s a new Goblet of Fire scene available online. It shows the chaos at the Quidditch World Cup and ends with…… who the hell is that conjuring the Dark Mark? I thought Winky was the one who did it. (Or rather it was the invisible Barty Crouch Jr. with Harry’s wand, but Winky took the fall for it.) Are they cutting Winky out entirely? Who’s that guy? This is a pretty major plot point they’re messing with. That said, the Dark Mark looks pretty kewl.


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  1. I saw that yesterday. That is Barty Jr. I don’t know what they were thinking, but yeah, they really messed with it.

    They also have Harry asking Cho to the ball at the owlry. I thought he asked her in the hall. Anyhow, I think girl playing Cho has the perfect voice for her.

    Last night, posted some links to a bunch of videos.

  2. Dude…. Barty Crouch Jr. is being played by David Tennant, AKA The Tenth Doctor. I had no idea! Where’ve I been?

    For some reason I don’t much care that they’re messing with the book. It just looks too damn cool. 🙂

  3. I’m just confused. I wonder if this means that Winky and the whole SPEWS thing is being cut entirely. I guess it wouldn’t change anything crucial to the story. Barty’s there, he conjures the Dark Mark, it still fits. But it’s kinda giving away an awfully big surprise, isn’t it? We don’t even know that Barty Jr. ISN’T in Azkaban til the very end, yet there he is five minutes into the darn movie…

  4. Yeah, it was Cuaron’s idea to cut a lot of the “bulky subplots” (IMDb’s wording) and the new director said he could do it. I guess that’s one example.

  5. And let’s be honest here… There are a hell of a lot of “bulky subplots” in the HP books. Need I even mention Grawp? *glares*

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