I went to meet a hypnotherapist this morning. No, REALLY. It’s just that I’ve kinda lost my “oomph” with regards to the weight loss, you know? It was easy at the beginning when it was all a novelty, but now I’m all, “Ehhh, I’m bored” and I’m starting to think about food again all the time. And I still lack the ability to stop eating when I’m full. So I looked at a bunch of websites and contacted the one that looked the least creepy. She turned out to be extremely professional and nice, and she thinks that I’d be an “ideal candidate” for the process. (And no, she doesn’t tell everybody that; I made her tell me about people who *wouldn’t* be right for it.) So I think I’m gonna give it a go. First session is next Friday. (What, you think I’m gonna do it before the candy extravaganza that is tomorrow night? No way!)


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  1. I figure she is gonna give you a “key” word so that when ever you hear it you will start clucking like a chicken.

  2. I knew somebody was gonna make that joke…

  3. i met a hypnotist recently and they said they get that joke all the time. it’s probably like someone saying, “hey, do some jokes” to me, as i punch them in the face.

    this is really interesting, howie! i can’t wait to hear about a real life experience like this. totally intsch.

    p.s. you are getting sleepy.

    ha HA, take that, hypnotists!

  4. I always wanted someont to try and put me under, if it didnt work I was gonna pretend it did and then when they try and wake me up I am gonna fake it and fall over on the floor and go spastic.

  5. Yeah, this is another one of those situations where I’m embarrassed to post about it for two seconds, but then I think about how I’d be totally interested if somebody else was writing about it, so then I just go ahead and do it anyway. I can’t wait to see what happens!

    And thanks for the tip, Dad. Although if I’m paying $100/hr for this, if it doesn’t work I think I’m gonna call her on it immediately rather than writh around on the floor… 🙂

  6. I’ve been hypnotised in a theraputic situation, it is very lovely and calming and helpful. See if she will make you a tape/cd so you can walk yourself through the hypnosis without the whole $100/hr thing.

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