The Race That Stops a Nation

Me: How come none of the Melbourne suppliers are answering their phones today?
Albie: It’s Melbourne Cup Day! It’s a public holiday in Victoria.
Me: What? *snort* You mean they get a public holiday because of a stupid horse race? That’s idiotic.
Albie: They’re trying to make it a holiday in New South Wales too…
Me: Yay! I love horses!

Actually, my animal-phobia notwithstanding, I do love horses today… on account of the fact that my pick in the $2 sweep we had with the printers next door came in third! I won eight bucks! And my horse’s name? Xcellent…


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  1. I had to work though (big department store = still open on public holidays). Thankfully, I got paid craploads for serving next to no-one, so I don’t mind so much. 🙂

  2. *Clasps hands together in evil Burns fashion* Excellent…

  3. Remember the time at Grandpa’s when you were little and the horse went after you in the barn yard and I had to rescuse you and Amy.

  4. Oh, I remember Dad. I was being ironic when I said I liked them. They scare me.

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