I’m asking about steeking over on AskMeFi.


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  1. Kris, I’ve steeked and Peter has also done quite a bit. It’s really not that much of a drama – it won’t undo if you crochet a line of stitches up the turn line. I don’t like machine stitching – it can stretch the work. Email me for more details and if you don’t have Peter’s email address.

  2. It’s not so much the general idea of it; I’ve already done one steeked project. It’s more specific details… like how many stitches for the steek. I’m using Zara and I’ve just done up a swatch tonight. I’m guessing I could probably get away with 3 if necessary, but I’d feel safer making it a bit wider. I’ll e-mail you if I run into trouble…

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