27 Votes!

Man, it only took 27 votes to see Dan England voted off Australian Idol tonight. And I didn’t even vote! I felt bad for him but he was never gonna win it. He’s got the best male rock voice I’ve ever heard but he just looked too weird. During the clip montage they showed him in T-shirts and both the Snook and I did double-takes. He looks so, so much chubbier in the suits he’s been favouring these last few weeks. They made his shoulders look three feet wide and his neck disappeared. The guy’s definitely got a future though, and he should be more comfortable now that he can hold his guitar onstage again. I’d pay to see him.

And you know who else I’d pay to see? Leapin’ Lee Harding! Seriously, the guy is just fun. He should be a game show host, or an extra Wiggle or something. Or maybe host birthday parties… like mine. That would rule. GO LEE!


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  1. Dan has a good voice, but I don’t think he showed much in the way of improvement during the show. I never found his performances all that appealling, he looked and moved kind of schlubby and I always got the feeling there was a wall between him and the audience. I just never felt there was much of a connection with the audience.

    Do you think it seems to be heading down the road of ‘a given’ that Emily is going to win?

  2. Yeah, Dan was very wooden, I imagine he’s better when he has a guitar in his hands.
    I think it’s up between Lee and Emily, and you know who I’m supporting…

  3. Yeah, I feel kinda bad for Kate, but there’s no way she’s gonna win. She’s just not engaging enough. I definitely think it’s Emily’s to lose. The past two years have basically been about the ballad-singing better vocalist beating out the not-so-great but popular fun person. And I’ll be okay with that. As I said to the Snook last night: “Did Australian need a Whitney Houston? Because I think you got one.” (Although I still think she kinda looks like an alien sometimes. Emily, not Whitney. Whitney kinda looks like a crack whore sometimes.)

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