Boxing Update

Oof, we had the hardest boxing class last night. It was led by a new instructor, this deceptively tiny little Irish girl who morphed into freakin’ Mike Tyson whenever she was demonstrating our combinations. I was feeling pretty good thoughout, despite sweating so much that I looked like I’d been caught out during that freak downpour yesterday afternoon. (Thanks, hypnotherapist!) Afterwards the Snook and I went down to get changed, but once I hit the locker room I suddenly had the overwhelming urge to barf. It was like in high school when they work you so hard on a hot day that you can’t help but throw up. I sat there for ages willing myself not to yuke. I finally made it out to meet the Snook, who took about two seconds to diagnose the situation: “What’d you eat for lunch?” “Salad, fruit, muesli bar…” “When?” “11:30…. Oops.” Luckily I had a banana in my bag which I sloooowly began to eat on the walk home. Within a few blocks I was feeling better. Note to self: Don’t go seven hours without eating before a boxing class ever again. I’m still feeling the effects of the workout today; my shoulders are killing me! The interesting bit is I’m pretty sure I heard the instructor in the locker room afterwards (through my haze of nausea) saying that she’d mixed the music herself. I wonder if I could persuade her to try one of Max’s mixes next time?


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  1. Muesli bars and peanut butter sandwiches – best pre-workout food ever. Don’t eat any later than two hours before your exercise, though.

  2. Sounds like this wasn’t our week to work out hard, Kris–I got all mysteriously pukey-feeling at Boot Camp on Wednesday (where we were using the mix you linked to) and the instructor came over and told me “your face just got really gray.” I had to sit out for a couple of minutes before rejoining the group. I think the culprit was a too-empty stomach, just like what happened with you. I like feeling that I worked out so hard I *could* puke, but not actually feeling like I’m *going to* puke. Does that make sense?

    That said, your boxing classes sound amazing–I’m jealous!

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