Top 20 Geek Novels

The Top 20 Geek Novels, as nominated by readers of the Guardian‘s Technology Blog. I’ve read eight of them so far: 1. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy; 3. Brave New World; 4. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?; 5. Neuromancer; 6. Dune; 9. The Colour of Magic; 10. Microserfs; and 17. American Gods. Of those, I have to say that Microserfs and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? were far and away my favorites. I’m surprised Ender’s Game didn’t make the list though. Maybe it has something to do with Uncle Orson being an asshat… (Link courtesy of John, who has out-geeked me by nearly double.)


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  1. I think 1984 and BNW transcend the ‘geek’ novel genre; I guess they qualify in that they have ‘futuristic’ settings but they’re great literature in their own right.

  2. hey, what happened to Frankie? His top seems to have fallen

  3. Curse of the humidity. One corner came loose and then the top half came down.

  4. I’ve read all but 4 of ’em…I’m not sure 1984 should be on there, either, although it and All the King’s Men are tied for my favorite Important Novel.

  5. Erm. I’ve only read 3 of them; HGTG, Colour of Magic and Microserfs – PS I recenlty got a iBook. I am now macified 🙂

  6. In my bookcase, i have books 1 to 9 and 14. I have a feeling that i must have 1 or 2 more but i can’t find those now (my books are mostly finnish version).

  7. It’s not a humidity. Point is that Dr Frankenstein use a terribility low quality parts when he make his monster. All you who try to do it again, use better equipments. Believe me, i know what i say.

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