Misca’s Boob

Apparently Mischa Barton’s boob popped out on the last episode of The O.C.. I’m like, “Since when does Mischa Barton have boobs?” (I snark because there’s a giant poster of her wearing a tiara and those stupid Keds she “designed” on a shoe store outside our George Street entrance, and it bugs me.)


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  1. Hmm. Grammar oddity. When ending a sentence with “The O.C.,” does one include two periods? It looks weird. It also looks weird in a clause like that one I just wrote where you follow it with a comma. Can I get a Manual of Style judgement on this?

  2. I’m no expert on said TV program, but I learned back at school the new modern “Open Punctuation” style, which would appear like “even though I don’t watch The OC, I know what’s going on”. Closed punctuation would be “even though I don’t watch The O.C., I know what’s going on”. As far as I know, you never use two periods when an abbreviation is at the end of a sentence.

  3. Huh. I was just about to say that since the show explicitly uses the dots in its name, you have to keep them… but then I went to the official site and it turns out it doesn’t. It’s just “The OC”. So that renders all grammar issues moot, I guess.

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