Trail Note

Trail Note
I actually got out of bed at 6:30 this morning and went running. I KNOW! Threw the whole family’s schedule out-of-whack. The cat was like, “Whuuuut?” I ran the same route as Sunday, hoping to improve on my time a bit. I really need to get a stopwatch; I just rely on my iPod to tell me how long I’ve been gone. I could tell I was definitely going faster though. I remember that “Pump Up the Jam” (thanks, Max!) kicked in around the Fish Markets last time, whereas today I was quite a bit farther along Pyrmont Bridge Road. I could almost see the ghost of myself a couple hundred yards back and I was trying to concentrate on beating her to Glebe. Unfortunately running on one day’s rest is a lot harder than running on three days’ rest for me, and by the time I got up the hill to Glebe Point Road I had a burning stitch in my side. I had to walk a couple blocks to get my breath back. I finished fairly strong though and I think I ended up cutting two or three minutes off my time in the end. I’ll see that as a big win though, considering how much pain I was in and how much heavier the traffic was on a weekday (meaning I couldn’t blow through a lot of the lights). My ankle’s a little sore now though… I think I need some new running shoes. These are over a year old!


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  1. Definitely get new shoes, ASAP! It makes a big difference and helps perevent injuries. You know, once I started running in the AM I really enjoyed it, because then you can go out for drinks or whatever after work and not feel guilty about blowing off your plan to excersize, because you’ve already done it.

  2. I’m sooo on the hunt for new shoes now. I just found out that my old London boss Phillip has been running Iron Man competitions and he’s coming over Saturday, so I’m hoping to pick his brain on where to get some really nice gear. I hate sitting at the Athlete’s Foot while some bored teenager tries to tell me why one shoe is better than another…

  3. umm…exercise, excersize, whatever.

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