Truffle Shuffle

moblogged imageTruffle Shuffle
I was reminiscing to the Snook about the truffle mash we had the other night at Tabou when he said, “Why don’t we put a truffle stuffing in the turducken?” And then I turned into Homer Simpson and drooled all down my shirt. Thus at lunchtime today we found ourselves at the David Jones Food Hall eyeing these fresh Italian truffles. “Does that really say THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS a kilo?” It did. So we turned and headed to the “gourmet foods” section, where a nice customer service lady pointed us to preserved truffles, truffle oil, and truffle salsa (from Tetsuya’s!). We went with $30 worth of preserved truffle. The things we do for our guests… (And yeah, Amy, whatever’s left over in the jar is soooo going in some butter!)

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  1. truffle butter! rock n roll

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