We are the Weasels, my friends…
Huzzah! After twelve long years in the wilderness, the Purple Weasels of PW have finally brought home the Interhall Football Championship once more. Awesome work, ladies! I still remember how crushing it was that my class didn’t get to play in the stadium, and I’ve still got my purple jersey – #11, “Howie” – in the bottom drawer of the dresser. Maybe I’ll bust that sucker out this weekend and have some turducken in your honor. (Link courtesy of Brigita, who actually played on the previous PW winning team and whose legacy we strived unsuccessfully to live up to…)


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  1. Rock on! My little sis got her nose broken twice (twice!!) playing interhall for Lyons. I never represented the forgotten dorm, Lewis, on the football field though. Didn’t want to be a Chicken.

  2. Heh. Probably best, Kate. Our favorite cheer when playing Lewis was: “WEASELS EAT CHICKENS FOR BREAKFASTS!” 🙂

  3. Ooh, nice cheer! I can’t remember any dorm-specific cheers from our year, with the exception of when we sang “We are the Weasels” after the championship game and sang “…no time for BADIN ’cause we are the Weasels… [dramatic pause] …of the WORLD.”

    I lived a very PW-centric life at ND.

  4. We sang “We are the Weasels” through the ’99 season, and they may well still be singing it for all I know! (We did change Badin back to “losers” so it was more generally applicable.) We had lots of cheers, mostly because Liz spent hours thinking them up. I remember sophomore year she came back with a “PW Alma Mater” that she’d written during her summer lifesaving job. (It’s a wonder someone didn’t drown.) Let’s see if I can remember the words…

    “PW, our happy home
    How much we love you
    Proudly in the Mod Quad
    Gleams thy purple hue
    The* best dorm on campus
    Weasels rule, it’s true
    And our hearts forever praise PW,
    And our hearts forever LOVE PW!”

    * I remember her stressing that you had to say “thee” to get the poetry to scan right.

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