Want a quilt?

Sweet. My Mom has officially launched her quilting business and has made her first sale! So if you’re looking for an awesome Christmas present for that special someone, bookmark her listings page, okay?


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  1. That’s awesome! I’ve been looking for a quilt for my bedroom. I’ll definitely keep an eye on her listings page. Do you know if she’s just going to be selling premade quilts, or if she’ll actually take custom orders?

  2. I think for the cheap ones, she’s just finishing pre-made quilt tops she buys on eBay. A custom one would probably cost a fair bit more. I’ll ask her today though! 🙂

  3. Wow – $50 for a quilt is a really good price on that auction. You can easily spend that much in materials for good fabric for a quilt. Does your mom use a standard sewing machine to do the machine quilting, or is it something more specialized (either a quilting machine that has longer ‘arms’ or one of the fancy computer-controlled ones)? In all, that’s great she’s doing this. 🙂 My wife has been making cakes and she wants to do it as a bit of a side business.

  4. She broke even on that one, but it was just “practice” so she’s happy with it. She’s got one of the fancy long arm machines.

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