All I’m saying…

All I’m saying is, if you’re gonna tell your wife that your company wants you to list your “favourite website” on their lame new corporate site, THE ONLY COOL OPTION is to list your wife’s blog. I’m just sayin’. OTHERWISE SHE THINKS YOU’RE ASHAMED OF HER.


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  1. Now if he links to you, people at his company will see that you listed their site as lame. Now he’ll never pick you!

  2. I’m with Rodd, having my wife’s personal site linked on a company site would fall under the ‘too much info’ category.

  3. Nah, I can’t buy the privacy argument given that all his co-workers already know about the site and some of them even leave comments. It’s not that.

    For the benefit of future male Googlers, here is the correct response to this situation: “Heh. That WOULD be awesome. I really wish I could… but I don’t think my boss would find it appropriate. They want us to have boring work-related stuff.” Wife: “Darn. That’s okay.” It’s amazing how much difference the “I would if I could” sentiment can make.

  4. blogs are lame. company sites rule!

    And knitting sites.

  5. You make him make up for that, Kris!

  6. Damn spammer! (Comment deleted)

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