Woohoo! The big day is finally here! I’ve got my Gryffindor scarf on – yeah, I’m sweating – and there’s less than twelve hours to go. I’ve also got an extra ticket to the 8:15pm showing at Broadway if anybody’s interested…


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  1. Two thumbs up from me. Won’t say any more yet for risk of spoilage.


  2. Dont Blink. It moves fast.

  3. Yeah, it does; it really caters for those who have read the book. I imagine Harry Potter virgins would be quite lost in places.

  4. yeah, all the various love interests seems totally random. The main storyline held together nicely and there were a few times when I thought ‘now why didn’t I see that coming…’ so some good marks from a non-HP person

  5. I totally forgot that you’re a non-Potterphile, Rob! I kept checking to make sure Albert hadn’t fallen asleep, thinking he was the only one that might get lost. I’m glad to hear it held up well for you. (My review is coming soon…)

  6. The one thing that really bothered me, is that in the book it went into great detail about each of the competitors at certain sections of the game – like how they each fought the dragons.. In the movie, it didn’t even show them at all, and only showed Harry’s.. quite a disappointment

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