House hunting

That million would’ve come in handy.
I should mention that I did not make it to the Big Brother auditions this year as I had intended. Instead the Snook and I began our pursuit of the great Australian dream – we went house hunting. That’s right; we two perpetual adolescent geeks are actually planning to buy a house. Or rather, a flat. It won’t happen for months and months but we figure it doesn’t hurt to get a feel for what’s available. We checked out four places in this area… and to be honest, they were all CRAP. None of them were as nice or as big as our current place. (Yeah, we’d buy this place if we could, but the damn letting agency owns the whole block and they’re not selling.) At least now we feel slightly better about our recent rent increase. But anyway, yeah, Australia will have to wait another year for the Web-Goddess-on-Big-Bro phenomenon. I’m sure you’re all devastated.

Now I’m just bracing myself for inevitable hysterical “YOU’RE STAYING IN AUSTRALIA?!” phone calls from the fam…


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  1. I miss you and love you very much. But I also envy you living Down Under….are you kidding it has to beat Indiana.
    It is 12 degrees here right now. BURRRR

  2. we have found that melbourne has better prices on inner city property

  3. Bah! I’ve never even been there and I prefer Sydney. 🙂

  4. BB contestants had parked all over the lower part of the campus both yesterday and today. Pity they didn’t read the signs indicating that those carparks are mostly reserved for staff. Heh. I’ve never seen so many tickets fluttering on windscreens. It’ll probably balance the university budget for the semester.

  5. aw you should visit Melbourne, it’s a great city!

  6. (Actually, that’s what I hear Noreen! I’d love to visit. I just prefer sunshine. 🙂 )

  7. Mebourne rocks! Really!

  8. If you like sunshine, you should move to Perth! Our property prices are not nearly as exorbitant. 😉

    (Okay, so there’s not heaps of things to do here… but I still love it. :p)

  9. Spam is bad, mmkay?

  10. Thanks Niffler. The offending comment has been deleted and the offender’s IP address is blocked.

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