Sydney racial tension

Since a couple people have asked me about the riots in Sydney, no, they’re not anywhere near us. It’s all way, way out in the suburbs. Just to illustrate, there’s a map of “Sydney” in that article and I thought the BBC had screwed up at first by putting the airport on the northern side of the harbour. However, discussion with the Snook confirmed that the body of water shown is actually Botany Bay, thus most of what people think of as Sydney (and the part we actually live in) is off the screen to the north. So don’t worry about us.


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  1. I live a few burbs away and am fine. I’ve been travelling about on the trains, and there’s no sign of trouble, aside from the millions of transit police.
    I was worried about housesitting last year because of the redfern riots! Feel free to chuckle.

  2. Good. I’m glad you’re all removed from it. It’s a damn shame that it’s happening.

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