Amazing Race Result

OH MY! We just watched the Amazing Race finale, and… (Don’t look, Robert!)HOW AWESOME WAS THAT? Seriously, that was my dream finish. I kept saying that I didn’t care who won as long as it wasn’t the Weavers, but during that INCREDIBLY TENSE map puzzle I really was on the edge of my seat rooting for the Linzes. I’m so happy they won! And what a great road block to end the race on! I like that it actually did sort of encapsulate the whole season and emphasize that even though it’s a game, Americans really do need to learn more about the continent they live on. And HA, even if the Weavers had gotten there first, those home-schooled idiots would never have even finished it! It was brilliant. I loved seeing the other teams at the Finish Line, knowing that they all really did want the Linzes to win as much as we did. How great was Megan? They kept talking about her having trouble keeping up, but really, it’s not like she was a chunker or anything. Her brothers are just totally fit. I love that finally a chick won who actually contributed to her team and didn’t make me embarrassed to be a girl. YOU KICK ASS, MEGAN! (And you still suck, Flo.) Really, for a season that sorta sucked at the beginning, it really did end on a high note. And how much am I looking forward to the next one? I cringed at the bar hoochies but as soon as they showed the nerd couple, the Snook and I were like, “OH MY GOD, IT’S US!” and totally high-fived. We’re already barracking for the geek team.


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  1. Oh, and I still love the Gaghan kids. It looked like at the end Carissa ran up and jumped into somebody’s arms, but I couldn’t make it out. Seemed like everybody (except the Weavers) made some friends.

  2. Ooh, and the comments over at Too Much Free Time have lots of great gossip. So the names on Ma Weaver’s shirts were actually a reference to her fiancee? That’s just too weird. But man, the Linzes are just great. Giving their parents have the mil and then splitting the rest with their other three siblings? That’s classy. Makes me proud to have been born in Ohio!

  3. Heh heh, I accidentally found out after sending you that email, Kris… I am still behind a few episodes but catching up (damn dialup!)… but this is the FIRST TIME EVER that a team I have picked as my fave from the beginning have gone all the way and won. I am very happy indeed. Satan came through for us in the end, Weavers!

  4. Nah, don’t give them the satisfaction of thinking it was Satan. It was God, and He quite rightly decided to reward the team who got along, enjoyed themselves, and weren’t constantly invoking His name in pursuit of material gain! Damn hypocrite Weavers.

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