Americans are Fat

Yeah, yeah, Americans are fat. Tell us something we don’t know. I did object to something in that article though: “…three out of four people in the country will have a body mass index of more than 25, the benchmark of corpulence.” Corpulence? It’s the benchmark for being overweight, but I hardly think that qualifies you for CORPULENCE. I’m currently at 26.7 and I wouldn’t say I’m “excessively fat.” Pudgy, yes. But not friggin’ corpulent. Sheesh. (Also note the graphic of fattest states down there at the bottom. Indiana made the list!)

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  1. I agree, on average, Americans tend to be overweight but BMI > 25 = Corpulent? WTF??

    By the way, everyone knows you look great, so stop with all the health already. You’re making Australians look fat now…

  2. Ha! Awww, thanks. I hate getting too DietBlog around here all the time, but it helps me to have some public accountability…

  3. yay Alabama–it’s good to be near the TOP of a list every now and then!

    Oh, wait…

  4. I have a very overweight friend who just returned from a USA holiday. She wants to go back – but only because over there she felt like Twiggy.

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