Adventures in Shopping
I don’t even know where to begin. Okay, yes I do. This morning my plans for the day were: go shopping and buy some more shorts/t-shirts for our trip next week (for some reason I’ve got, like, NO summer clothes anymore), pick up this album I’ve been wanting, go to the gym, and pick up some food for dinner. Simple.
So on my way into Hammersmith, walking through the park, I was thinking about the possibility of my sister coming to live in London and all the BUNACers that I knew when I first came over. Most have gone home to the States, but there are a couple that might still be floating around. I suddenly thought of this Canadian guy Adam that I had last seen *literally* over a year ago. “I wonder what he’s up to,” I thought. “Too bad I don’t have his number or even his last name.”
So I do my shopping. Some observations:

  • Apparently nobody’s going to be wearing shorts this summer. Seriously, I had to search just to find some to try on, and they were all butt ugly. Apparently the fashion gods have decreed that it’s going to be a very sweaty summer.
  • Okay, men, I know you call them “3/4 length trousers”, but really, who are you kidding? They’re capri pants. Yeah, I wear ’em, but at least I call ’em by the right name.
  • I’m getting really, really tired of this Madonna-USA-glittery-acidwash-rodeo girl look that’s taken over all the shops.

Okay, ranting aside, I did manage to pick up some cool stuff. So I stopped off at one last shop, Primark, before heading to the gym. Primark is kinda like Filene’s Basement or something. Everything’s £4 and it looks like it was just taken off the delivery truck. I found this kickass pink T-shirt that says “goddess” on it that I had to have. When I went to pay for it, though, I suddenly realized that all my other shopping bags were gone. I ran all over the store, which was packed, frantically checking everywhere I had been. I finally went to the customer service desk, where (THANK GOD!) somebody had turned them in. I guess I left them in the changing room. Bless the honest English.
So I left Primark thinking that I should get to the gym before anything else weird happened. I started off down King Street, and immediately I noticed that a guy walking in the opposite direction looked an awful lot like my friend Adam I mentioned before. I literally did a bigtime double-take and then flagged him down. It was him! I know it sounds stupid, but the sheer coincidence of it completely blows me away. And not only did I randomly run into him, he lives clear on the other side of London and was only in Hammersmith to visit friends. So, yeah, it’s a city of, like, six million people or whatever, and I randomly run into someone I haven’t seen in a year five hours after thinking about them. And if I hadn’t lost my bags in Primark, I wouldn’t have passed him on the sidewalk. PSYCHIC, I TELL YOU! PSYCHIC!
Anyway, that’s my adventure. I just had to tell somebody.