I totally forgot that Crufts was this weekend! I just caught some of the final rounds while waiting for my stuffed pepper to finish roasting (yum). In case the name escapes you, Crufts is the “World’s Greatest Dog Show” (their words). If you’ve seen “Best in Show“, you know what I’m talking about. They take it so seriously! It’s awesome to watch, if only for the unintentional hilarity of it all. The best part, of course, are the names of the dogs. I jotted down a few from the “Pastoral Breed Final” I just saw. (Those are the dogs that originally herded animals, so it’s like German shepherds and border collies and stuff.) A selection:

  • “Penliath Shooting Star”
  • “Otterswish Bernadette”
  • “Zottel’s You Don’t Fool Me”
  • “Freelancer Frosty Moon Over Corydon”
  • “Tamarch Maggie May of Tolorock”

Seriously! You can’t make stuff like that up. Too insane.