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I’ve been working on the redesign of the Knitter’s Guild website all day. (Old version; New Hottness) It’s not done yet but you can take a peek if you want. All design credit goes to Hank, who kindly volunteered his time and talent and somehow refrained from balking at my stipulation that the text had to be HUGE. (Old ladies are blind, yo.) In terms of the code, this is my first hard-core XHTML + CSS site ever… which means that the Snook pretty much had to hold my hand the whole way through. He’s the best. I dunno; I just have a blank with this stuff. I’ve resisted learning it because I don’t like feeling dumb, and I just knew it was going to leave me frustrated and tearful. It did. I got used to being the whizzy Internet chick – the web-goddess, if you will – and it’s hard to face having to start over at the bottom. He knows how to deal with me though. Like I said, he’s the best. (Oh, and yeah, I still used tables to position the columns. Suck it, Zeldman!)


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  1. Well, park me in a zimmer and call me Nanna – hey – this is one “old lady” (anything over 40?) who ain’t blind, knows how to use a text sizing facility on a browser and is a knitting member of the Guild. Let’s try and drag the Guild’s image out of the cliche granny guild and into the 21st century by getting rid of such preconceptions. Otherwise, I like the new layout and I’m glad it’s finally getting fixed up. More power to your XHTML.

  2. I didn’t say they were *all* old or blind, Kate. (The rest of the chicks in the Inner City group wouldn’t let me!) But more than a few objected to the text size on the old site, which surprised both me and the designer (since it seems fairly normal).

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