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I’m officially launching the new design of the Knitters’ Guild of NSW website. I still have more content to add, but the basic gist of it is there… (And hey, that’s Miss Fee in the photo I used on the home page!)


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  1. I’m not a knitter nor am I in NSW but I really like the clean layout. I especially like the major links along the right top and ‘more’ links in the right column. They look very ‘clickable’.

    I’ve seen too many craft websites that go for the ‘cute’ (patterned backgrounds, wacky menu icons, etc.

    The guild site looks professional & logical. Nice job!

  2. Beautiful work! As a dial-upper I get frustrated with complicated, overburdened sites, but this is easily understandable and quick to load. I’m using Opera 8.5, and it’s working great.

  3. How exciting I showed everyone at work – they already know tht I am the inner city dude and think that is funny and now I have photographic proof of my knitting habit laughs all round at big brother art dept this morning!!!!

  4. Thanks, everybody. I just fixed a few random things that were looking wonky. If you see anything that looks funny at all, please let me know (or ideally, send me a screenshot with a description of your browser/OS).

    And yay, Miss Fee! I picked that one on purpose.

  5. Woot! Good job Kris, and thanks for the big credit on the homepage. I see how you spent your holidays…

  6. Just two days, actually! (Two frustrating, tearing-hair-out days that the Snook would probably rather forget…) I was hoping you wouldn’t think I’d butchered it too much. I did have to change a few small things, but overall your design was perfectly adaptable to the things I needed it to do. So, yay!

    On a semi-related note… I was just showing the site off to my boss Albert and remembered another reason why I’m not more gung-ho on the CSS: Normal people have no clue what you’re talking about. I was trying to explain to him what was special about what I’d done, but all he could see was the visual differences in front of him. How do you sell someone on something that – in their eyes – makes zero difference in the way they interact with the site?

  7. Oh, dear God. And I forgot I need to do something about that horrible CGI page you get when you click on “Subscribe to our newsletter.” *shudder*

  8. “How do you sell someone on something that – in their eyes – makes zero difference in the way they interact with the site?”

    Um, you don’t really. Like most under the bonnet improvements, no-one notices them. Which isn’t such a bad thing. Most people notice the bad things. Like a builder telling you that they’ve built your house using revolutionary new building materials that will last longer and save your energy. Most people don’t care as long as it looks as good or better than the neighbours place. At the end of the day, the CSS makes the whole site “feel” lighter because the thing loads quicker site-wide. As they say in The Castle, “it’s just the vibe of it”.

    Anyway, nice work, only 2 days!?

  9. It helps that I was working closely with Snookums, and every time I’d stop to work out a precise pixel measurement – “Hmm, 33 or 34 pixels..?” – he’d be like, “Dude, just call it 30.” So given the way that I now know glassonion developers work, I hope you guys aren’t too precious about your designs or anything… 🙂

  10. Oh, and just fixed an .htaccess problem that should fix any missing image issues IE users were having…

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