Trivia Update

Trivia Update: We sucked the big one tonight. We had a good first round – coming in second by one point – but then the wheels really came off in the second. It was our largest team yet and we were doing the thing I hate, the thing where we all talk each other out of correct answers. I missed out on two free jugs by virtue of sending up the boys instead (like they’re going to know “Dracula” or “Jennifer Garner”??). Anyway, here are a few practice ones for you guys:

  • Name the members of Led Zeppelin in the 70’s.
  • Who played Mace Windu, Bail Organa, and Count Dooku?
  • What recreational activity did both Al Jolson and Buster Keaton die while doing?
  • How many tires are on a 747?
  • Which two “Jessicas” won Best Actress Oscars in 1989 and 1994?
  • Which two countries have the most Jewish people?

(We got the Star Wars one, of course, and I managed to remember the Jessicas… but we flubbed all the rest in one way or another.)


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  1. ooh – tough! Umm – Jessica Tandy & Jessica Lange?
    Jewish people – US & Israel – maybe about 3m each?

    guesses both – but not going to even hazard a guess on the deathly recreational activity!

  2. ummm…robert plant, jimmy page, john paul jones, and john bonham. I think mace windu was samuel l. jackson. I would guess 4 tires on a 747, but I don’t know. these are kind of hard, man.

  3. Four points to Stefanie! And Kate got Led Zeppelin and Mace Windu. You’re wayyyy off on the tires one though…

  4. golf for #3…that or sex….
    I have nothing here

  5. Playing cards. How weird is that?

    Bail Organa was Jimmy Smits, Count Dooku was Christopher Lee, and there are eighteen tires on a 747.

  6. 18!?!?!?! good god. I woulda sucked too.

  7. I was going to guess 2 tires. Way off!

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