I’m almost embarrassed to post it…

I’m almost embarrassed to post this…
One of my WW tasks this week is to sort through my clothes and get rid of all the too big, “just in case” stuff. So I was poking around in the underbed drawers today, and I pulled out a Notre Dame tank top completely *covered* in cat fur. Upon cleaning it off, I realized that it’s the same top I’m wearing in my “before” picture, the one I keep posted on the fridge and carry with me to meetings for inspiration. (Everyone I show it to refuses to believe that it’s even me. I look like a fatter, older distant relation.) Curious, I tried the top on and took a picture of myself in roughly the same sort of pose. And now, of course, you all want to see the comparison.2002   2006

The “before” shot is from a barbecue in 2002 over at the Snook’s sister’s place. Pretty night and day, huh? Who knew that I had collarbones? I’m swimming in this top now. It’s stretched all to hell. In fact, it’s so loose that it probably borders on a little skanky, what with my bra occasionally poking out, but I think I’m going to wear it outside today anyway. Skank it up, baby! I’ve earned it.

After squash this morning, my bathroom scales read 83kg. I know that’s not an accurate reading, but it’s still the lowest number that thing’s ever given me. I’m excited.


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  1. Jesus, your face looks so different.

  2. Wow, Kristi you look great!

  3. Wow, you look great. I do think the darker hair suits your complexion better though. Ever thought of going back?

  4. You’re looking great. When it is time to retire the top, at least you know the cat will appreciate it! 😀

  5. I’ve considered it, Anon, but for some reason it just feels too *heavy* for me during the summer. It’s so bright and sunny here that I just feel compelled to blondeness!

  6. Night and day, Kris. Good work!

  7. RT, you look awesome, and stay gold. Stay gold.

  8. Christ on a bike. WOW! You look amazing!

  9. Fantastic sweetie – you know you weigh heavier after exercise so try it next time before squash – down over the weekend might pop into tthe wool shop for sa s.e.x.

  10. I think I look kinda… deflated.

    (Come in on Sunday, if you can Miss Fee. That’s when I’ll be there!)

  11. I saw you today and knew you looked great, and told you but the transformation is awesome Kris!! Very seriously awesome. You should be proud of yourself!

  12. Hang on, I knew you two years before the before picture and you didn’t look like that then, did you?

    Anyway, you look fantastic, sweetie. Good work.

  13. Absolutely amazing. Do you mind my asking the net wt loss between the two pics?

  14. You look aMAZing, Kris. Congrats! And fwiw, I like your blonde hair – it’s spunky and cool. 🙂

  15. You are beautiful!

  16. Where’s the smile in the after pic? Ah, I know, you’re thinking about the Bus Panickers…. 😉

    Just the other day Jeff was commenting on how thin your face was looking. I guess I’d just gotten used to the current look, but it is a dramatic change when you compare the two pictures. Congratulations!

  17. yeah! pretty lady, and you are just puff-less in the current. puff-less! good for you. well done, friend. pretty awesome.

  18. Thanks everybody! Granted, the comparison is a little stacked because the before picture is so unflattering – I think the angle of the camera and the way I’m sitting makes me look particularly toad-like. But it’s still pretty dramatic.

    I don’t know the exact weight loss, unfortunately. I did weigh myself on the gym scales back when I first started going (which couldn’t have been long after this photo), and I seem to recall that being about 107-110kg or so. So probably around 23-26kg (fifty pounds or so). Jeez, it sounds more remarkable that way!

    I’m having trouble pining down the exact date of the photo. Ma Snook gave it to me and wrote July 2002 on the back, but that’s when she gave us the photos and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t taken then. (July is winter here, and it looks too warm for that.) Judging by the darkness of my hair, I think it’s *after* I had the red taken out in January 2002. It must have been pretty early in 2002, anyway. So it actually was only a few months since I’d last seen you, Jann. (We left London in November 2001.) I don’t think I put on much weight once we got here. I joined the gym pretty quickly and started exercising, so I wouldn’t have been getting any bigger. I must have just really been that big.

  19. Amazing kris. Well done.

  20. Actually like Jann, I never remember you looking like that. I think that picture is making you look totally different.

    What does it matter now anyway. You’re the slimmest goddamn Web-Goddess in the whole damn world! Woo..wooo! Believe it baby! Keep up the good work…

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