Team Australia

Knitting Olympics 2006 – Team Australia
It looks like knitters all over the world are gearing up for Yarn Harlot’s 2006 Knitting Olympics. Even more amusing, people are forming “teams” and making buttons so you can show your participation. There’s Team Boston, Team Wales, Team Germany, Team South Africa, a bunch of American and Canadian Teams… even Team Goth and Team Caffeine. Yet in all my wanderings, I have yet to come across an official mention of Team Australia. (It was suggested on gadgetgirl‘s site, but interest kinda petered out.) Folks, it’s time to rectify that. Who’s with me? I know crumpet and gadgetgirl are in. I’m definitely “competing” but I haven’t decided on the project yet. Anyone else want to join us? Leave a comment telling us what you’re going to attempt!

Go Team Australia!   Aussie Aussie Aussie OI OI OI!

Feel free to grab one of the buttons above, or make your own and leave a comment so other folks can find it. (If you use one of mine, please right-click and save the image to your own server.)


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  1. Hey, I just made a button and uploaded it to my site too! I’ll be knitting Mariah from Knitty…

  2. Nice one! We deserve an extra medal, indeed. 🙂

  3. Ok, I’m in. I’m considering Salt Peanuts from Interweave Knits, a year or so ago. I need to use up some yarn I have in my stash. Or something else. Hmmmm.

  4. I’ll be in it! I will either do a really long POA-style Harry scarf as I haven’t done one of those yet, or a Tigers scarf for the upcoming AFL season.

  5. Right, I’m in.
    I have a pattern for a waterfall “caplet” with stairstepping and dropped stitches. Neither of which I have done before. It’ll be a great stashbuster too 😀

  6. Tia’s got a BLOG? Why the hell didn’t you tell me, woman?! 🙂

  7. Are you serious? I was SURE I had told you! Well, now you know 😀

  8. OK i am joining team OZ but still with no blog. I’m going to aim to knit my 3 random balls of debbie merino dk into something wearable via my “just wing it” knitting style. I am aiming for a bronze on this one! eek!

  9. I’m in but with no blog and not sure what I will be knitting

  10. you KNOW I’m in, Kris we need to sort out the box o’ goodies from Knitty. Maybe this weekend????

  11. I’m thinking about knitting some fingerless gloves with a mitten flap in an uber fine wool, perhaps alpaca? Hmmm..

  12. Yay, goodies! You wanna come over on Friday or Saturday? I’ll be doing the “taking lots of drugs to make me forget about the new holes in my head” thing, so I’d welcome the distraction…

  13. I’m in for Team Australia too. I’m knitting the Irish hiking scarf.

  14. Another one for Team Australia! I’m going to do the Danica scarf.

    Will also be swiping a button to use.

  15. Yay I finally found team Australia. I’m knitting a cable sweater from Rebecca Kids.

  16. Yay, I’m finding lots more Australian knit bloggers to read!

  17. I’ve been leaving notes on blogs here and there but this one sounds a bit more together.
    Count me in…I want to do the ‘Cabled newsboy cap’ from S&B Nation, I’ve been in training, teaching myself to cable and over come the fear of knitting on the bus:)

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