Trivia Update

Trivia Update: Well, it felt like we were sucking the big one tonight, yet somehow we managed to finish in a tie for first place! (We ended up coming in second in the tiebreaker as the other team pulled a Rain Man and knew exactly how many nautical miles it is from Sydney to Hobart.) I also won us a free jug of beer for identifying the Steve Miller Band. Here are the best ones from the night:

  • Name the four islands of Japan. (Snookums ROCKED all four of these.)
  • What planet are Klingons from? (“No, Snookums, the answer is not ‘Uranus.'”)
  • Which three singers sang “All for Love” from the film The Three Musketeers?
  • Who were the five Marx brothers?
  • Name two movies (not TV movies) starring Angelina Jolie that start with the letter “G”. (I eventually got these but it took twenty minutes of racking my brain.)
  • What are the three most popular surnames in the UK?

Now I’ve got to go to bed so I can get up early and work off that $30 bar tab…


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  1. Groucho, Harpo, Chico, Zeppo… and, um, Karl? (d’oh – bad joke I know… but I’m stuck!)

    Angelina – Gina (or was that Gia?) and Girl, Interrupted

  2. Showing my geekiness here, but the Klingon planet is Q’onoS!

  3. Yep, I can do the Angelina question (Gia; Girl, Interrupted; Gone in Sixty Seconds… there may be more) and “All for Love” (Bryan Adams, Sting and Rod Stewart). And I can partially answer 1 and 4.

  4. Oh, and I bet “Smith” is one of, if not THE most popular name in the UK. :p

  5. We missed the same Marx brother, Stefanie. It was “Gummo.” Never heard of ‘im.

    EXCELLENT on the planet, Robert.

    Niffler gets all three singers. Well done! And you’ve got one of the three names…

    The movies were Gone in 60 Seconds and Girl, Interrupted. (Gia was evidently a TV movie, or so she said.)

  6. I’m still not happy about the 3rd surname – We had the same question when I was in England 10yrs ago, and I doubt that the Williams’ have outbred the Patels since then.

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