The Amazing Human Body

Ooh, The Amazing Human Body is opening in Sydney! It’s that exhibit of cadavers where they’ve been “plastinated” and you can see everything inside. Thanks to Dr. Wong for telling me about it yesterday! (Evidently the fact that I chose to keep my own teeth indicated to him that I’d also have a morbid interest in a scientific exhibit of flayed corpses.)


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  1. I’m glad I saw it, but I’m not sure I need to see it again. Some of the pictures are pretty amazing and the slide of a *giant* fat leg made me run extra hard the next day.

    I was surprised by the parents bringing young children. Yes, it’s very educational, but some of the more artistic exhibits are downright nightmare-inducing. (Winged Man) You should definitely go…bring your teeth to compare. 🙂

  2. I just read about this! I am SOOOOOO going, it looks awesome.

  3. wasn’t this in london in ’01 when we lived there? how long can these things stay preserved? i can still vividly recall that formaldehyde-and-dead-frog smell from 8th grade biology, and i imagine this exhibit smelling the same. ewwww!

  4. Well, they’re plastic, aren’t they? It’d be like Tupperware or Barbie dolls. That shit lasts forever, I imagine. (And thanks for bringing up “the smell.” I remember it too.)

  5. We just went and yep, it looks very much like plastic! It’s very interesting, but I was a bit disapponted by how they displayed some of the specimens – it’s as if they just whacked them under some cheap plastic box displays. And Andrew was annoyed by the numerous spelling mistakes on the descriptor cards. Nonetheless, it’s worth going – the best bit are the ‘slices’….I shall leave for you to find out….

  6. They have it at South Street Seaport in Manhattan. I want to go, but as of this moment, I’d be going alone. Maybe I’ll go next week, it sure looks interesting.

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