Oscar Contest has officially launched

Oscar Contest 2006
It’s that time, folks! The Fourth Annual Web-Goddess Oscar Contest has officially launched. I’ve added a few more awards categories this year (to hopefully lessen the odds of a tie) but otherwise it works exactly the same. Go here to enter.

But Kris, you ask, what do we win? Hold on to your hats. If you manage to reign supreme this year, you will win none other than your very own pair of gay sock monkey cowboys. (I know! You’re like, “She didn’t.” But I totally did.) They’re rainbow… They have cowboy hats and boots… And they share the love that dare not speak its name. They are my greatest sock creations of all time. What to see more?I’m calling them Ennis and Jack, but you are, of course, free to rename them.

Ennis and Jack

A close-up of their faces. As you can see, I left off the mouths. These are men of few words.


They’re knockin’ boots! Check out that embroidery work. I even put spurs on them!


Like I said, go here to enter.

Frequently Asked Sock Monkey Questions:

  1. Do you have these for sale?
    No, unfortunately I don’t. I’ve sold sock monkeys in the past but, to be honest, the amount most people are willing to pay doesn’t nearly cover the effort involved. They’re surprisingly labor-intensive! Tha’s why I only give them away as prizes now. Of course, you’re welcome to make me an offer I can’t refuse…
  2. Are these knitted?
    Nope! While I can knit socks, these sock monkeys are actually made out of cheap knee socks purchased at K-Mart.
  3. Where did you get the hats and boots?
    I managed to find the hats at the last minute at Spotlight at Birkenhead Point, but it was the third or fourth store I tried. You should probably ring around. (I was soooo happy to get them. They really “make” the whole project.) For the boots, I first played around with some paper templates til I had a boot shape I liked. Then I cut them out of felt and hand-stitched them together. I also added small silver star charms for spurs and decorative stitching.
  4. How can I make my own?
    Easy! Just check out my tutorial.
  5. Can I put these pictures on my website?
    You’re welcome to put my pictures on your site as long as you give me credit for them, and you save them to your own webserver. I pay for all my webhosting out-of-pocket so I can’t afford to subsidise your bandwidth. So right-click and save the images to your own hard-drive, and then upload them to your own webspace. Thanks!


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  1. Holy crap, that’s genius!

  2. Heh. They’re actually charms we have at the shop that are meant to be put on Christmas tree cross stitches. 🙂

  3. This is the third time I’ve entered your contest. The first year, I came in last without a correct guess in the bunch. The second year, I think I tied for last. This year,I’m trying to break the trend and finish in the middle of the pack.
    I have no hope of winning and never cared because sock monkeys scare me but dang! Those are so cute, I could probably get over it.

  4. You can tell they totally want each other, but know it will never work. *weeps*

  5. Good grief–that is possibly the best prize of any contest ever in the history of mankind. It makes my inevitable crappy showing in this year’s contest that much more bittersweet.

  6. Love the gay sock monkey cowboys. LOVE THEM. Genius!

  7. I Need. To. Win.

    NEED to.

  8. omgosh I love those so cute!!!! good job

  9. Must. Have. Them. NEED. THEM!

  10. So jai is the person who keeps taking the wooden spoon from me! 🙂

  11. I’m loving these responses. Even better than I’d hoped!

    I toyed with the idea of making them little denim vests, but I didn’t want to veer into camp… 🙂

  12. Just. Awesome. I am going to have to pimp this – hope you don’t mind – just too brilliant!!

  13. It’s so awesome that I had to post my comment twice. Oops 🙂

  14. You could have one shirt inside the other, though… 🙂

  15. oh, they are very cool. It sucks that most of the Oscar movies haven’t even opened here yet (New Zealand) – I can’t wait for Brokeback Mountain to open.

  16. I know nothing about the movies that are in the running this year, but I’ll have to enter because I need those for my two girls. (At least, I can say that to pretend I don’t totally want them for myself!). Those are fantastic!

  17. Those are frackin’ awesome.

  18. “I wish I could quit you, Gay Sock Monkey Cowboy!” Very nicely done! Have a happy Oscars!

  19. Cutest cowboys ever. I’d buy a pair if you were to sell ’em!

  20. They will be mine…

    Oh yes…

    They will be mine…

  21. Oh, don’t tempt me back into the sock monkey making business! Every time I take orders I end up hating myself when it comes time to sew them. They’re just fairly labor-intensive for the amount of money people are willing to pay. (This pair took me at least six hours, I’d say.) You’d have to offer me a lot! 🙂

    I did put up a tutorial last year if you want to make your own…

  22. I just split my sides laughing. Love them.

  23. They’re wonderful!

  24. You know that I’m going to have to make one of these now… (if of course I don’t win the Gay Cowboy Sock Monkeys… which I will)…


  25. Howdy ya’ll! Bubba here spreadin the sock monkey cheer!

  26. Oh my goodness, you are so funny and you are going right in my favorites folder.

  27. Yep! I totally guessed on the movies because with an infant and a toddler I NEVER get to go the movies anymore. BUT I MUST have those sock monkeys!!! off to go check out the tutorial.

  28. These are so gorgoeus!!! Well done!!

    Come do an article for my site, please???

  29. Cute 🙂 I never entered your contest before, but I usually do well with my Oscar predictions so I might try this. 🙂

  30. tried to do the Oscar contest entry and I keep getting a “server not found” message. Help!

  31. That’s so weird. Maybe my site was randomly down. Give it another try. If it doesn’t work, just e-mail me your guesses and I’ll manually enter them. 🙂

  32. Worked this time!

  33. I am so happy to see your Sock Monkey Cowboys! (One of my best friends is a Sock Donkey Cowgirl; there’s a picture of her riding a pony somewhere on my blog, her names Babetta.) I know how hard Sock Monkeys are to make – my Mum actually does make them for a living, and they aren’t cheap, but she loves making them, and they’re just too fun! She makes custom Sock Animals, too, but she’s never make gay cowboys! Do you sell cowboy boots? Just the boots? I’d love to get a pair as a present for Babetta…

  34. I stumbled across your sock monkey tutorial – it’s FANTASTIC! Now all I have to do is find some socks!

  35. Thanks! I purchased my first sewing machine last night- and made nothing other than my first sock monkey! Your directions were wonderful, thank you for making them available. I’d send a pic of my monkey, but he/she is lacking eyes at the moment and isn’t quite as cute as he/she will be. I’ll be sure to send you a pic of the final product.

    Funny thing is- I think I had more fun making the sock monkey than my little sister will have playing with it. It brought back such great memories. Thanks again! You ROCK!

  36. Those monkeys are cute but their to colorful

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