It’s very hard to be an American and have the sneaking suspicion that Canada, of all nations, is becoming cooler than you. On a related note, how many people predict a sudden influx of American immigrants to our neighbor up north? Yeah, just about everybody.


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  1. We’ve been “cooler” than you for ages, honey. I mean, we live in igloos remember? 😉

  2. A side note: This entire weblog is bloggerless? Are you just using PHP now? Is it some sort XML/PHP frankenstein? You really are the web goddess! However are you doing it?

  3. It is indeed! It’s a PHP/mySQL system. And that sounds scary, but I assure you it is not, since I wrote the whole thing myself. I looked at a lot of packages out there that you can install and configure (PHPSlash, for example), but they all had WAY more features than I really needed. So (in keeping with the original post here) I rolled my own. 🙂
    I’m writing up a description of how I did it along with all the necessary files, if you wanna try it out yourself. It should hopefully be up sometime this week.

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