I heart George.

Wow. I knew George Clooney was a cool guy, but I really had no idea. I liked hearing his praise for his Aunt Rosemary, and his prank on Arnie was hilarious. And good on ‘im for standing up for his beliefs and being true to his craft. Plus, I will always love him for doing the E.R. cameo for Juliana Margulies’s final episode. (Link courtesy of John, who is also a Clooney fan.)

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  1. George really is a good egg – plus, he looks even better in person. 😉 He attended the first Rosemary Clooney Music Festival after her death (having not attended any of the previous years because he didn’t want to overshadow Rosie), and people were lined up down the block to see him. (Heh.. We Kentuckians never see any celebs except for the Derby and the odd “Elizabethtown” or “Seabiscuit” film crew.) He must have took pictures with and signed autographs for over a thousand fans. Not wanting to add to the poor fellow’s plate, I just watched. The epitome of a classy star, he couldn’t have been nicer and more patient with each and every fan. What a guy!

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