Muslim Australia

Now that‘s a novel argument. Some crazy-ass conservative Member of Parliament is arguing that Tony Abbott should retain control of RU486… because Australia is aborting so many babies that the country will be Muslim in fifty years. (Reading insanity like that always makes me want to use Moire‘s favorite emoticon: O_o) My favorite bit of the article is the comment made by someone else in her own Coalition: “I think Danna’s on her own on that one.” HA! I can’t wait to see her next bit of proposed legislation, which is sure to tackle the related problem of those of us of breeding age who choose to remain childfree and thus contribute to Australia’s falling birth rate… and Islamisation. Although I’m a foreigner, so she probably wants to put me in Woomera anyway.


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  1. Unfortunately, that’s not the stupidest thing she’s said. She suggested last year a replica of Gallipoli beach in Victoria for the seniors who couldn’t make it to the real thing. Was widely panned as Danna Vale’s Gallipoliland.

    Then she got sacked. What a nitwit.

  2. She is our local sutherland shire member. God, I’m feeling the shire shame so badly, I’m just going to abort myself out of existence.

  3. Dont worry. Us Catholics will work at keeping the birth rate nice and high. One for me, one for my wife, one for the country, one for God, one for the dog, one for Johnny Cash, one for…

  4. I told Rodd about her this morning, and how she probably wouldn’t want my babies anyway. “Yeah,” he jokingly sneered. “Your children would be all slanty-eyed!” I laughed and laughed.

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