The Biggest Loser

Did anybody else, like, get tears in their eyes watching The Biggest Loser tonight? No? Just me then? Well, it was emotional. In terms of personal identification, Fiona is the one I immediately gravitated towards. She’s just about the size I was when I joined WW last April, and seeing her step on the scales in her underwear was like looking in a mirror. (Well, a mirror that sees into the past.) In terms of emotion, Kristie, Cat, and Shane were the ones I felt the most for. And even though I’m now quite public with my weight loss process, I can totally identify with the ridiculous feeling that somehow if people don’t know your actual weight, they won’t realize that you’re fat. The show wasn’t all highlights though: the whole “gluttony” segment with the room full of food was a bit overdone, and what’s with the way that Jillian woman always scrunches up her nose? I hate her already. (And I hope somebody quickly teaches Bob how to pronounce “Aussies” correctly.)


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  1. Yeah, I found the episode quite moving. It’s a brave thing to go on the show. My friend Sky made the final 40, but didn’t make the last cut. She gets to meet Bob though for a special show with the semi-finalists, and I asked her to french kiss for me… knowing her she’ll do it. w00t!

  2. you KNOW I’m watching….and yeah, let’s hope Bob learns how to say Aussie properly

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