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mx articleHere it is. Not a bad picture in the end, though they spelled my name wrong, of course. (Trivia: He wanted Melissa and I to be sharing a laugh so at this moment we’re actually discussing her humongous pregnant boobs.) I also enjoyed the fact that – despite speaking to the journalist for fully ten minutes – they chose to use only one quote, and that was the most vapid, clichéd thing I said the whole time. (She kept asking me about whether knitting was “relaxing,” and in desperation I dragged out the old “knitting is the new yoga” chestnut. And I immediately felt like a tool. So of course that’s what they used.) I’d also like to point out that I actually said I “probably wouldn’t” be entering the fastest knitter contest (mostly because Rose Hill is difficult to get to when you live in the city, work all day, and don’t have a car). Oh, and I have no idea what that title means. NO IDEA. She didn’t get that from me.


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  1. Seeing your mate with her name misspelled and her words misquoted? Priceless! 🙂 Nice photo, though.

  2. Cute photo! I think whoever wrote the title was just trying to work the pun “tight-knit” into it. But “wooly times”? That’s a stretch.

  3. When Rob saw the photo he didn’t recognize you at all.

  4. Huh? Really? It’s not like he hasn’t seen me recently. Hmm.

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