Radio Interview

I’m gonna be on the radio!
This is just my week of total media convergence. I just got a call from someone at Radio 2GB who read my article in mx today (I haven’t even seen it yet!) and wanted to know I’d like to be interviewed on Murray Wilton’s “The Good Life” tonight. Sure, why not? I am the Queen of Craft this week, apparently. (Can you feel the momentum gathering? My TV show can’t be far off.) If any of you Sydneysiders want to listen to me make a blathering fool out of myself, they’re supposed to ring me around 7:20pm tonight. It’s on 873AM.

Oh, and they apparently have live streaming over the Internet too, so you international types can have a listen as well… (Though of course, the Snook will be recording it so I can post it afterwards.)

Update: Ack! They may have to bump me til tomorrow! I’ve got Fat Fighters tomorrow! Which will win out, my obsession with WW or my need for public exhibitionism? More details to come…

Still later: I think I’ve been bumped. It’s well after the time they said she’d call and they’re on to the cooking segment. Damn. I skipped kickboxing tonight to be here by the phone, and now I’ve got to decide whether to skip the meeting tomorrow. I am officially bummed.

Much later: That was the most boring radio show I’ve ever listened to in my life. I’m going to WW, celebrity be damned. They can call me on my mobile if they want to chat.


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  1. I guess you’re lucky it wasn’t Alan Jones… 🙂

  2. Doesn’t he pay people for interviews? Or is it the other way around? 🙂

  3. Congrats – I saw the article in mX. Was a pretty good photo!

  4. Never mind, you’re still my favorite media ho. You’re even in front of Kate Fischer, and I hold her in awfully high esteem.

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