Yeah, yeah, yeah. Voyeurism is bad. Reality shows are bad. People are all attention-grabbing whores at heart. But I refuse to agree that killing rats and eating them when you’re STARVING is bad. (Sorry, Brigita.) I suppose drowning them was a bit much, but I doubt the animal rights people would have been any happier about Simon whacking their heads off with a machete. And what’s the point of Uzma’s quote? “I saw the vicious side of people, their crass vulgarity.” Since when is doing what people have done since they climbed down out of the trees vicious or vulgar? What does she actually thing goes on in a meat-packing plant? I’ve got no illusions about it, but I don’t think I need to make apologies for it either.


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  1. my reasons for being a vegetarian have more to do with the unsanitary and inhumane conditions of factory farms in this country. i have actually thought about whether or not i’d eat meat if i were on one of those reality shows…the jury is still out. 😉

  2. Really? You would? See, my problem is that I HATE fish. I’ve never liked it in my entire life. Can’t even stand the smell. And it appears that that’s mostly when they’re eating on Survivor. So I’ve been wondering if I could actually go through with it for the sake of the show. I’m not sure I could.

  3. KungFu Ferret

    May 30, 2001 — 6:29 pm

    Hey baby! You even try to eat da ferret, I kick your ass!

  4. hmm…filet o’fish or grubs…filet o’fish or grubs…

    i’ve always said i could eat anything when i’m hungry–i guess i’d put that to the test for a million smackers.

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