More Chili

Saturday morning the Snook and I joined his mom, sister, and nephew on a visit to the Rozelle Markets. We bought Trivial Pursuit and Pictionary for the amazing sum of $5, and I found a copy of The Magic Pudding. Our real haul, however, came afterwards when we stopped at Herbie’s Spices. The Snook’s been wanting to hit this shop for ages. We got chipotle powder, saffron, dukkah, fenugreek… heaps of good stuff. And today he used the chipotle to make me Ron’s Blue Stater’s Texas Chili. YUM! He actually used the beer brewing pot, he made so much chili. Our freezer is now full of it. The best part is that we worked out that it’s only, like, two Points per ladleful! Now if only I had some light sour cream…


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  1. Not sure what it’s like pointwise, but in Korea, sour cream is hard to come by so we use plain yogurt instead (less fat, more calcium).

  2. Herbies is wonderful. And yo need to try the Prange Grove Farmers Markets too – not far from Rozelle in Lilyfield at the Orange Grove School. There are heaps of food stalls there – some organic and some not. Best nuts in Sydney, fruit, veg, smoked meats… lots more I promise. Every Saturday am, Perry St, Lilyfield.

  3. I LOVE chili when it comes to points. It’s yummy, filling, and surprisingly good for you if you don’t use too much meat. And I’m not a sour cream eater, but Nathaniel also does the yogurt thing instead and says it’s pretty much the same thing. My problem is wanting to eat chili with fritos and shredded cheese…

  4. I haven’t made chili in ages, so I didn’t realize how low-Points it was going to be. I made Rodd add it up, like, four times, and it worked out to about 54 points for a gigantic pot. I put it all into freezer containers and counted ladlefuls as I went… and there were thirty! So even rounding up the Points to sixty, that’s still a LOT less than I expected. (Especially since two ladles is a hearty meal.) I miss the sour cream a little, but luckily in our family we always ate chili over rice (Korean influence, I guess) so that cuts the spiciness a fair bit. I’ll definitely try out the yogurt trick in the future.

  5. And I think we passed that market on the 440 bus to Rozelle, M-H! We had to meet Rodd’s family though, and by the time we were finished there it was just too blazing hot to consider hitting another market. I’d like to check it out sometime though.

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