Ebert’s Predictions

Whoa. Ebert has published his official Oscar predictions, and he’s got some major upsets in there. Well, upsets in the sense that it’s not what my contest entries are predicting. At least we shouldn’t have any ties!


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  1. And yet again, I am stunned by his support of “Crash.” But since I know I am among the three or four “unenlightened” (gag–spare me) people in the world who dislike the movie (I don’t really *dislike* it, I guess; I just can’t understand why such a preachy piece of awards-bait is getting such serious consideration), I’ll just sit back here and pout in silence. 🙂

    You’re right about one thing, Kris–if Ebert’s predictions are dead-on, the pool of potential gay sock-monkey cowboy winners is going to be reduced rather quickly!

  2. I was hoping against hope that Uncle Roger would actually enter himself. I mean, I sent an e-mail to his website… (I’m such a nerd.)

  3. Add me to the stunned “What is it about Crash?” people. Although it raises a lot of interesting discussion points (and it is good that any film can raise debate), its ending is so horribly pat and some scenes display the puppet strings so visibly I was expecting Gepetto to do a commentary on the DVD. I have to write a studyguide for it, and it is killing me… although I am looking forward to the ‘alternative readings’ section! Yet still I can’t really hate it, it is just such a conflicted and flawed movie. /rant.

  4. Now he’s comparing it to Dickens. DICKENS.

  5. Heh. Well, I’ve never liked Dickens either. I was always more of a Bronte/Austen/Eliot/Hardy person. The only things that would make me sit through the new Bleak House is Gillian Anderson and SPOILER!!!!!!!! hopefully seeing the scene where the character dies of sponataneous combustion.

  6. Dude! Massive spoiler there for me… but that said, I wasn’t interested in watching it before but I totally am now! 🙂

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