Bring on the 10K!

moblogged imageBring on the 10K!
I may not have new pants, but I’ve got new shoes! And they’re all silvery and *tomorrow*.


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  1. Enjoy walking on clouds for the next 300 miles or so. 🙂

  2. I just did my first run in them yesterday, and I have to say they’re pretty darn nice. I got the Asics Gel Kayanos. I must thank the Dove for his recommendation of the Runner’s Shop in Clovelly. Joe was very nice and helped me try on about six different pairs to get the ones that were best for me. I feel like a real runner now!

  3. those asics remind me of a pair of zips i used to have. does anyone remember zips? before you knock on ’em, they were badass for a short while. they were all holograms and magic.

    what more could a 5 year old want?

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