DietBlog: As I said earlier this week, my clothing situation is getting fairly dire. Everything’s too big on me. (I know, I know; it’s not like the worst cross to bear in the world.) I simply have to buy some pants to wear to work. Last night Miss Fee – freshly returned from the hells of the Gold Coast – insisted on accompanying me over to Temt in the Mid City Centre to try some on. The experience was rather depressing. I tried on three different pairs of size 14 trousers, and only one came close to fitting. The other two wouldn’t even button, and they made my thighs look like sausages. With that experience still fresh in my mind, I tried to beg off going shopping with Amy today. I told her what happened… and she told me about the magical world of the fashion industry, where clothing sizes are simply made up. MADE UP, I TELL YOU. And Temt is particularly bad, she said. So I submitted. We went into Sussan and I reluctantly pulled on the first of four pairs of size 14 pants… and all four fit me. What’s more – they looked good! They made look tall and slim and my bum was just tiny! It was a REVELATION. I didn’t buy any just yet – I need to figure out exactly what my wardrobe requirements are – but it was such a huge confidence boost to not have to automatically reach for the largest size on the rack. Before we left the Broadway, Amy insisted we go into Sportsgirl. I hate Sportsgirl. I hate their stupid window displays; I hate their promotion of formal shorts; I hate the hippie boho crap they’re still trying to shove down our collective throat. I was sure nothing they had would fit me but I dutifully went into the changing room with a pair of twee olive trousers… and they fit. They were a little small, but they fit. “There you go!” Amy announced. “You are now small enough to shop at Sportsgirl.” I told her my life was now complete.

Seriously, though, getting into a size 14 was one of my original weight loss goals. I wanted to be able to go into any shop in Sydney and find something I could wear. And today, I realized that it’s finally happening. This is a brave new world.


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  1. i am sorry to have subjected you to that terrible experience but happy to be witness to one of your weight loss goals – love the shoes

  2. Ha! Sizes? I own clothes in the following sizes (and they all fit me): XS, S, M, 2, 3, 4, 8, 10, 12. Sometimes even in the same store I’ll be two different sizes! And let’s not even get started on all the clothes I’ve tried on but didn’t buy where the fit model must be deformed!

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