NES Alarm Clock

*gasp* I want an NES alarm clock!


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  1. This has nothing to do with this clock but…I would like you to send Rick a Austrailian Harley t-shirt size med and I’ll pay you for it. His address is Rick Howard
    2086 Trimph Road Port St Lucie, Fla 34952

  2. Don’t worry about it, Deba! I’ll take care of it. I should be able to go to Paddy’s on Friday and get him one…

  3. He will just crap. I can’t wait to see
    you guys. Are you going to get to come up this way anytime soon???

  4. Probably not soon… We’re a bit low on cash at the moment, and we’re trying to save up for a house (and wedding rings, and a car, and, oh, EVERYTHING). You guys should come see us! The Garbericks are heading out here around Easter, which I’m stoked about…

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