Spence wants to knit

Ha! I just read Adam Spencer’s interview in the guide where he mentions wanting to knit some fractals for this year’s Knit-In. So I went to the ABC 702 website to leave a comment about it… and it looks like Mary-Helen beat me to it! Nice one. 🙂


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  1. Hee hee! Just hope he follows up on it. There were some cool knitted fractals at one of those sites. Maybe you’ll be joining my entourage instead of the other way round.:)

  2. I thought of inviting him to do a class at the shop free-of-charge, if he’s really serious about learning it. Come on in, Adam! We do get the occasional nerdy guy knitter in here and we love it. We had a guy at the SnB a few months ago who was knitting a striped sweater, and the thickness of the stripes was determined by plotting out the value of pi in binary. Very cool.

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