DietBlog: I’m soooo close to a major milestone. I lost another 800g to bring me to 19.2kg lost in total. I want to get to 20kg so badly. My BMI is currently 25.5, so I only need to lose another kilogram or so to put me in the healthy bracket. Do you understand how momentous this is? It’s like the horizon is rushing up to meet me. In one week, maybe two, I WON’T BE FAT ANYMORE. Oh sure, I’ll still have a pudgy belly and my jogging speed will still be laughably slow, but no matter what anybody says to me, I won’t be overweight. The little family jokes about Kris being chubby that I’ve been hearing for ten years? Not anymore. Feeling ashamed whenever some crappy tabloid news show does a story on the “obesity epidemic”? Not anymore. Automatically reaching for the largest garment on the rack? Not anymore. I feel like I’m in freefall here and it’s a little scary. When did this happen? When did I turn into somebody who’s not me? I’ve actually had experiences in the past few weeks when I’ve been hanging out with people bigger than me, and I’ve gotten a shock when going to the bathroom and catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I’m used to changing my hair but I’m not used to changing shape. Today I wore pigtails and I suddenly became obsessed with how big my head looks on my now-skinny neck. Do I have a bobblehead? You guys would tell me, right?

All exhilarations and anxieties aside, I had a great laugh at WW tonight. Our topic was “putting myself first,” which is the habit I have the least trouble with, quite frankly. I have no kids or family to support here. You’ve read my blog. I’m always first. But anyway, we were supposed to talk amongst ourselves about our plans for “putting ourselves first” this week. My discussion partner had, like, the best quote ever: “Well, I haven’t been exercising much lately – you know, because of work stress and, well, I’m being stalked – but this week I plan–” And I’m like, “WAIT. You’re being STALKED?” Which, you know, SCARY and all, but also hilarious within the context of the boring talks we usually have. If ever you need to justify hanging around the house, stalker avoidance is one of the best excuses you can have.


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    i’m almost at 17 off myself, so i’m rooting for you. your successes feel like mine. GO HOWIE!

  2. p.s., 17 pounds. i don’t understand your metric system.

    ignorant american

  3. Awww, thanks TD! Seventeen pounds is awesome. I almost wish I were back using pounds because it always sounds like more. Forty-two pounds, WOOHOO! At least I’m not British. If I had to be like, “Crud. I’ve only lost three stone” I’d get depressed.

  4. Please note: I did not know those numbers off the top of my head. I had to google for “weight conversion.” I’m an ignorant American in metric clothing.

  5. That is truly fantastic, Kris! I lost a whopping 0.7 pounds this week. Ugh. But hey, at least it’s a move in the right direction. I’m really impressed by your success, though. Good luck on the next week or two – I can hardly imagine how it would feel to not “be fat” anymore :). But someday I’ll know, too!

  6. Go girl yipee think jumping up and down for joy – I too reached a major mile stone (no pun intended) this week 10% and the gold star thing I did it yipee – see you at knitting

  7. Goal weight here you come!! (I’m getting so close myself; I’m so excited!)

  8. You’re just a weight loss machine! There should be a disclamer across the bottom of your blog: these results are not typical, most people lose 5 pounds quickly then gain everything back…

    Congratulations on the approaching milestone, Kris!

    Congratulations to you, too, Tara D.! 17 pounds is fantastic! That’s about how much I want to lose in the next 6 months…

  9. Yay! It takes getting used to. I still look at myself and think it is not me. It has been two years since I first started losing weight.

  10. Rocking it! I’m back at Fat Fighters myself and LOVING it. I sit there with half of my brain set to ‘Snark’ and the other half set to ‘Adoration’ of the whole WW edifice. Have you bought the electronic Points(TM) kitchen scales? I heart them. A few keystrokes and hey presto! accurate Points(TM). I like to make up my own recipes, and they really help work it all out.

  11. I know what you mean, Andrew. I spent my first meeting alternately mocking the whole system and aching with every fiber of my being for my very own gold star. I don’t have the official kitchen scales, but I do use the Snook’s electronic brewing scales All. The. Time. And I have a Points(TM) guide permanently in the kitchen. 🙂

  12. Ah yes, Kris, I did say that didn’t I . . . and I might have been exaggerating slightly when I use the word “stalker”. Although I am being slightly harrassed by a guy and it’s making me hugely uncomfortable – hence the reluctance to get out the house in the morning.

    But I’ve worked out a completely new route for my morning walk, which takes me 20 mins longer and includes two huuuuuuuge hills (Wigram Road if you know it). PLUS it earns me a whopping 7.5 exercise points, so that’s all good. AND it of course completely avoids the annoying idiot.

  13. Heh. I deliberately didn’t use your name, Kathryn! So now you’ve outed yourself. 🙂

    I didn’t mean to laugh at such a serious subject, but the way you just slipped it in there conversationally struck me as funny. I’m glad to hear the jerk isn’t keeping you from your workouts!

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