How Aussie Are You?

How Aussie are you? I was shocked to see I’d actually gotten 17 out of 20 correct! I’ve heard about half in actual use, and the rest were just guesses based on my experience with Australian slang construction. The comment they gave me with my score was spot on: “You will communicate fairly effectively with the native population, but they will still mutter “bloody yank” when you walk out of the pub.” Very true. (Link courtesy of Deb, who is a true blue Aussie Sheila.)


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  1. Well, I got 16 and I guessed half of them. Guess I’m not a true Aussie, even though I’ve lived in Australia my entire life.

  2. 15/20 – Not bad for a Yank who’s only been to Australia once.

  3. I got 16 but I did some guessing. Not too bad!

  4. I lived in Melbourne for a year and I got 16/20 – not bad.

  5. I have never been to Australia and I scored 10/20. Not too bad…considering never having been or lived there, right?

  6. HA! You all used google!

  7. i got 19 right and was still considered a yank – and I was born in the nations capital!!!! go figure

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