A customer from New Zealand just e-mailed the shop asking about a product that we sell. It’s in stock and visible on our website. So what did they want to know? If I knew of anywhere local in New Zealand they could get it. WHAT? It’s not like I don’t do the Miracle on 34th Street thing when I can, directing people elsewhere for stuff we don’t stock. That’s cool. But to ask me about something we have in the store and then have the cheek to ask for a recommendation for somewhere else to buy it? I’m just in awe of the sense of self-entitlement of some people… (On a related note: Did I mention the lady who got annoyed that we didn’t have the fabric that she was supposed to pick up and demanded that we let her use the phone to contact her sister – IN BRAZIL?)


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  1. I can only apologise on be half of all the idiots in NZ.

  2. I didn’t mean to impugn all the smart and wonderful Kiwis, M-H! I get similar e-mails from people in the US too. *sigh*

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