DietBlog: Not to twenty just yet. Crud. I actually accompanied Miss Fee to my old city WW meeting last night and weighed in there, but they said I’d gained 400g and that’s just ridiculous. I mean, honestly! Something is wrong with their equipment. So I stepped on the scales tonight at my real meeting and it turns out I lost 100g. And given how much hair I had cut off last Thursday… I’m gonna call it even. I’m trying hard not to get de-motivated though. (What? It’s a perfectly cromulent word!) Last week was a randomly difficult one for me mentally, so to get through it without a gain is probably a victory. I also had the weekend temptations of Steph and Eva’s housewarming (where I was on best behavior) and Deb’s housewarming/birthday party (where I was, um, not). I’m just going to try to stay positive. Some scared little group of neurons lurking in the back of my brain doesn’t want to get to goal, and I can accept that. Being not-fat is a big leap. I’m going to give myself all the time I need to adjust.

But to end this post on a positive, I dragged the Snook over to the Broadway on Sunday to watch me try on six different pairs of size fourteen pants. AND THEY ALL FIT. I bought three pairs. The cashier was like, “Are you starting a new job?” And I crowed, “No, I just lost a lot of weight and nothing fits me anymore!” I’ve worn new pants two days now and people are actually noticing my size even more. (I guess because I’m not hiding it.) And if I do say so myself… my bum looks fantastic. 🙂


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  1. >>(What? It’s a perfectly cromulent word!)

    Hee, so I’m not the only one who watches way too much Simpsons.

  2. i am struggling this week as well. everything was going so smoothly, and believe it or not, i’ve had no-cheats in two full months. then, girl scout cookies came, and it’s been a whirlwind of awful since. i’m also… um… a little emotional and hormonal. i’m being easy on myself today and tomorrow, then getting back on the horse.

    hang in there, howie! you’re doing AWESOME!

  3. I’m so excited for you about the pants. I went shopping a week ago and bought myself three pairs of pants in a size I haven’t worn well since high school! It’s amazing how wearing pants that actually fit can draw attention to the fact that you’ve lost weight! 🙂

  4. Picture, go on! I think i’m not the only one who like to see something fantastic.

  5. Sorry, Jussi. The fantastic-ness of my bum is reserved solely for the Snook, who wins the right by always having told me how fantastic it was, even when it was a lot bigger. 🙂

  6. I agree, you do have a great bum!

  7. you know I had a baby recently and at nine months pregnant the baby, fluid etc etc had added 10kg to my body weight. So if you get to 20kg, that is two whole pregnancies you’ve lost through sheer will power and determination. Go on, get to 20. You can do it.

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