Poached egg!

I poached an egg for my breakfast this morning… in the microwave! I’ve never done that before. A bit of quick Googling was all it took. I put a bit of water in a cappucino mug (something smaller would’ve been better), then gently cracked my egg into it. I used a skewer to poke the yolk a few times so it wouldn’t explode. (It doesn’t leak out though, and the resulting yolk was still nicely runny). Then I covered it with cling film and nuked it at 60% power for forty-five seconds, and then continued checking it in fifteen second intervals. Ninety seconds seemed to be about perfect. Yum!


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  1. B3TA’s write-up was the best thing I’ve found on the web and use it religously. Doesn’t use the microwave, but otherwise works similarly. The advantage of the boiling water on the stove is you can do 8 eggs or more at once, but the microwave might be the way to go if I’m making my own brekky.

  2. i used to microwave my eggs but i kinda got freaked out by microwaving *too much* lol

  3. Rodd quotes me that damn B3TA article every time I mention poached eggs. He’s enamoured of the cling film idea. To me, it just seems too fiddly. And I’m so out of it in the morning, the concept of pulling out a pan and boiling water just seemed too damn hard. I’m a microwave convert now!

  4. I tried the saran wrap method once with some success, but heating plastic in such close proximity to the food kinda worries me a bit (not a prob in the microwave scenario), what with all the Teflon hubbub of late.

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